10 Prosecco Party Ideas for the Ultimate Celebration

With Prosecco lovers across the globe taking part in everything from festivals to bespoke Prosecco events , there is no better time to throw your very own Prosecco party.

Whether you want to host a bubbly hen do for the bride-to-be or a classy garden gathering, a Prosecco party is the way to go.

To help you on your way to creating the best Prosecco party there’s ever been, we’ve created a roundup of the top 10 Prosecco party ideas. From party games to accessories, there’s nothing you can’t do with Prosecco. Read on to find all the Prosecco party inspiration you need…

Prosecco Van

Create a showstopper of a party with your very own personalised Prosecco van. A perfect touch to a number of parties, this little van will set the scene for your event and provide a brilliant photo backdrop. Sure to impress your guests, you’ll be able to keep your guest’s glasses topped up all night.

Pimp your Prosecco

The versatile drink it is, Prosecco goes perfectly with a number of ingredients, so why not set out your very own ‘pimp your prosecco’ table or bar, and allow your Prosecco party-goers to create their own Prosecco concoctions. Think fruits, herbs and even prosecco glitter – you’ll have the prettiest Proseccos in all the town.

Prosecco Gummies

One to keep away from the children, these yummy little treats will infuse an element of nostalgia to your event. Add them to a ‘Prosecco n Mix’ party bag for your guests or display them on tables for guests to supplement their sweet tooth.

Prosecco Cupcakes

It’s not a party without cake, so why not up your cupcake game and introduce some Prosecco cupcakes to your gathering. Whether you decide to have waiters handing them out on platters or opt for a show stopping tiered cupcake stand, Prosecco cupcakes are a swanky addition to any event.

Prosecco Fountain

If you want to wow your guests and literally keep the Prosecco flowing all night long, opt for a Prosecco fountain. A classy touch to your celebration, guests will be flocked around the magic fountain all night. In fact, you might need to invest in more than one.

Prosecco Pong

We’ve all heard of beer pong, but now with the introduction of Prosecco, you can turn this game into one for the ladies. Simply set out your glasses with a shot of Prosecco in each, grab some ping pong balls, and let the Prosecco Pong commence…

Prosecco Cocktails

From the popular Aperol Spritz to the fruity Berry Smash, there are plenty of Prosecco cocktails to take your fancy. Keep your guests coming back for more, and make sure your bar is serving Prosecco cocktails.

Prosecco Ice Cream

There’s nothing quite like a nice ice cream to cool yourself down on a summer’s day. But, how about something even better? A Prosecco ice cream! From strawberries and cream to raspberry ripple, Prosecco ice creams make a fabulous addition to a summer Prosecco party.

Prosecco Decor

A Prosecco party isn’t complete without a ton of decorations and accessories letting your guests know exactly what the party is about – Prosecco. From neon ‘Prosecco’ signs and bunting to Prosecco confetti and napkins, decorate your venue with these accessories and your invitees will be sure to know they’re about to have a good time.

Prosecco Ice Cubes

Double up your guest’s glasses of Prosecco, or add a hint of the sparkling white wine to a soft drink, with some Prosecco ice cubes. Make them in a variety of flavours adding fruits to them if you fancy, and ensure your guest’s drinks keep cool all day long.

With plenty of ideas to choose from, you’re now equipped to throw the best Prosecco Party ever!


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