Earl the Citroen H van was purchased in 2014 as the start of a business venture to create the Nelson + Pops Drinks Co. Earl was in desperate need of some TLC and after a nerve wracking drive over the Dartford Bridge to get him home, the temperamental brakes and lack of power steering didn’t defeat, and the transformation was ready to begin.

The Vision

The van was renovated by founder James. Every spare minute was spent sanding, cutting, and spraying, all with a vision to create the perfect mobile drinks van. An influx of wedding invites over the past year followed and helped to form Nelson + Pops into what it is now. A number of times we came across the perfect boho style wedding, with bunting, wild flowers, tipis and laid back dining – all that was missing was the perfect place to get an ice cold drink in-between dances. With weddings in mind, the van was classically designed and now has everything you can dream of to add a showstopping feature to that special day.

Nelson + Pops

Founder James wanted to keep the van close to his family roots so named Nelson after his late father and Pops after his Grandad who helped to make this venture possible. It just so happens that once Prosecco was agreed to be the main focus ‘Pops’ perfectly fitted with the vans offering.

We are now the proud owners of Nelson + Pops Drinks Co. and ready to help put a smile on faces using bubbles and laughter.

what we believe in

Our Ethos

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do” – Elvis Presley


Whether the event is a laid back boho style wedding or a black tie event we pride ourselves in providing a friendly, approachable and professional level of service.


We believe in providing every customer with a unique, personalised experience, whether it’s a wedding day or a corporate exhibition – it keeps things exciting for us!