3 Sparkling cocktails to wow your guests

Cocktails made with sparkling wines are a brilliant way to get the best of both worlds; on one hand you have the glamour associated with drinking bubbles, and on the other you have the unique flavour and fun associated with cocktails.

When celebrating your next party why not start with some bubbly cocktails, using either Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. They are easy to prepare, look fabulous in pictures and get guests in the mood a lot quicker than a beer!

Here are the classics which we expect you all to know:

– The Bellini, with peach puree and Prosecco.

– Kir Royale, with cassis and Champagne.

– The Classic Champagne Cocktail, with brandy, sugar, bitters and Champagne.

– Aperol Spritz, with Apreol and Prosecco.

– The French 75, with gin, lemon and Champagne.

– Black Velvet, with Guinness and Champagne.

– The Mimosa with orange juice and Champagne.

They’re all delicious and we highly recommend them, but here are some other ideas that should impress your guests even more…



A light and sharp drink with all the botanicals you ever wanted. Notes of cucumber surround the glass on the nose, then flavours start with elderflower and gin on the palette, a harmonious combination. A dry sparkling wine would be best for this tipple, ensuring the sugar levels don’t overpower the other ingredients.

Method to make

Combine the gin, elderflower, lemon and cucumber in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into a flute and top with bubbles.

Garnish with a cucumber ribbon.

See the detailed recipe here >

Jayne Mansfield


Beautiful and bold, like the woman herself. This drink has a strong, well rounded body thanks to the main ingredient, rum. To accompany this spirit, a multitude of strawberry ingredients are added to create an unforgettable explosion of labido-enhancing flavour. Use a high quality Champagne, dominant with Pinot Noir, to ensure less acidity.

Method to make

Combine the rum and strawberry ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into a coupé and top with bubbles.

Garnish with a big, fat, fresh strawberry.

See the detailed recipe here >

Negroni Sbagliato


Translated literally as “Negroni Mistake”, this drink came into existence thanks to a bartender who wasn’t paying attention. He missed the gin and grabbed a bottle of Prosecco instead! If you’re taste buds tend to prefer the bitter sweet symphony of Campari and Aperol, then this drink is for you.

Method to make

Stir down the Campari and sweet vermouth in a mixing glass. Strain into a tumbler and top with bubbles.

Garnish with a twist of orange.

See the detailed recipe here >

For more cocktail recipes to try at home visit our friends at: www.threepiecebar.co.uk


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