Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Alcohol wedding favours

A really simple yet effective idea is to give your guests a personalised glass or bottle as your wedding favours. The nicest thing about this favour is that the guests can use the glass on the night for their drink, whether you choose to have a bowl of punch to share or a fun shot concoction, and they can take the glass home with them after the wedding. From Mason Jars with straws, to glitter prosecco glasses or even shot glasses, there are a huge range of Instagram worthy glasses available to choose from. There are also tons of fantastic and cheap ways to personalise each style of glass, whether it be a message in a bottle, a personalised tag hanging from the glass, personalised glasses or you could even hand draw your guests name on each glass. Glasses can even be filled with alcohol ready for the guest to have as soon as they sit for the wedding breakfast, an aperitif drink such as Negroni or an Aperol Spritz would be the perfect choice for this fun idea.

Wedding Favour Sweets

A sweet treat is a wedding favour that is sure to go down well. Whether you choose to go for a personalised bag with vintage pick ‘n’ mix, homemade fudge or a beautiful stack of macaroons, there are endless options that will allow you to woo your guests at your wedding breakfast.

Wedding Favour Bags

Think party bags for adults and with a sophisticated twist. A wedding favour bag is perfect as you can fill it with little keep sakes whilst planning the big day. There is a huge variety of designs and materials you can use for the bag and it’s up to you how much you invest in the personalisation. The bags can be filled with sweet treats, candles, a mini hangover kit, a thank you card, games for the table perhaps a Polaroid photo from the day or even a mini photo frame – the list is endless.

DIY Wedding Favours

From quirky quotes and poems and to homemade sweet treats, DIY wedding favours are a great way to save money and show off your creativity. Making hand-made wedding favours really allows you to inject your personality and more meaning into these little gifts for that one special day.

Kids Wedding Favours

It is a really nice touch to show you haven’t forgotten the little ones when it comes to wedding favours, and the parents will appreciate anything which keeps them entertained during the wedding breakfast. From bundles of colouring crayons to little pocket games and traditional favourites like Kinder Eggs. Here are just some of the creative concepts you could use to please your little guests.


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